Care Park’s enforcement officers patrol each car park regularly and issue Payment Notices to vehicles where a ticket is not displayed, a ticket has expired, the vehicle has exceeded the maximum time allowed for parking or a vehicle is parked in a bay it is unauthorised to park in, such as a reserved or disabled bay.

Payment Notices are more likely to be issued in Pay and Display or time restricted car parks where payment of parking and/or length of stay is reliant on customer honesty and integrity.

Care Park’s contractual terms and conditions of parking are displayed at EVERY car park and form the basis upon which we are able to issue payment notices. When a customer parks their vehicle in one of our car parks, they are deemed to have agreed to the contractual terms and conditions and entered into a contract with Care Park.

The terms and conditions instruct the customer on what they must do in order to comply and be parked correctly.  These conditions also state that should a customer fail to comply, they agree to pay Care Park liquidated damages for breach of contract by way of a Payment Notice affixed to their windscreen.

Our terms and conditions and enforcement and dispute resolution procedures have been developed in conjunction with both in-house and independent legal advisors and community and industry peak groups. Payment notices are not a revenue-raising tool, but a way to manage to park and support our landlords and partners to ensure customer compliance to parking conditions at the respective car parks.  We are flexible and practical in our enforcement approach.