Reserved parking is an excellent way for our customers to have a permanently reserved parking bay without having to pay daily, by allowing you to pay for your parking in advance each month.

This ensures you have a parking bay reserved specifically for your vehicle and gives you the flexibility to leave and return from that parking bay as many times as you need during the full operating hours of the car park.

Parking conditions, availability, and pricing vary from site to site, so contact our Sales Department for more information.


If reserved parking doesn’t quite fit your needs, why not enquire about the benefits of unreserved parking as a more flexible and cost-effective alternative for parking.  You still have the convenience of monthly payments and the ability to come and go as you need during the course of the day during the car park’s hours of operation, without your own allocated bay.  At some of our locations, our customers can arrange to have after-hours access to parking.

Unreserved parking conditions, availability, and pricing varies from site to site, so contact our Sales Department for more information.


Well lit, exclusively presented and conveniently located spaces near lifts, ground levels, and main access points, My CarePark Premium Reserved offers unparalleled convenience to the best parking spots in our car parks. If you are looking for that special treatment and seamless parking experience, reserve a My CarePark Premium spot today.

Contact our Sales Team to explore all benefits and get your monthly parking started today.


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