How we can help look after your business?

Care Park’s services provide our corporate clients with in-house knowledge that they can use to further develop and grow their business enterprises in parking and property development portfolios. Care Park, has developed a reputation as a leading property developer and finding innovative solutions for land use, extending this expertise to our clients.

Care Park has the resources, experience, and infrastructure required for the operation of a substantial portfolio. We have the strength as an international parking operator with established resources in five countries and the ability to provide complete in-house support and management to a business in all facets of the operation.

Our objective is to provide the highest levels of service delivery, revenue maximization and improvements to the operation and site presentation of any car park.

Care Park is much more than a parking service provider. Our implementation of industry-leading technology and systems tailor-made for each client puts us at the forefront of the parking and property management industries. We operate a large number of car parks and related services globally and have a full understanding of the objectives of each business owner.


Our services include;