Care Park New Zealand Ltd (“our”, “we” or “us”) is committed to protecting our customers’ and clients’ personal information. The following privacy policy describes how we collect personal information, for what it is used, and to whom it may be disclosed. This policy is provided for your information and does not limit or exclude your rights under the Privacy Act 2020. The privacy policy below ensures we comply with our obligations under the Privacy Act 2020. By providing any personal information to Care Park New Zealand Ltd, you are consenting to its use in accordance with this policy.


This Privacy Policy applies to anyone accessing the Care Park New Zealand Ltd website, as well as any of our customers and clients who use our facilities, in addition to any individual who submits personal information to us during our application for review process, or in any other situation.


‘Personal Information’ is defined in the Privacy Act 2020 as information about an identifiable individual. This is information about a natural person as opposed to about a company or other legal entity; and information which is in a form which enables that person to be identified.


Usually, our customers, the users of our car parking facilities, transact with us on an anonymous basis such as by purchasing a ticket or pass and displaying the ticket or pass within their motor vehicle while using our facilities. Care Park also maintains relationships with long-term account holders and other clients.
We only collect personal information that is necessary for the effective operation of our business. Your contact and vehicle details, such as vehicle registration number, may be collected by automated systems or staff at our parking facilities in order to allow us to contact you to recover any outstanding damages and costs arising from a breach of our parking terms and conditions. From our account holders and other clients, we may collect billing details (including name, billing address, contact phone numbers, and if so agreed, credit card details), driver’s license details and vehicle registration details.
The above information is primarily collected directly from you. However, on occasions where this is not possible, we may collect your personal information for an alternative source. For example, in the event of a breach of our parking terms and conditions that leads to unpaid damages and/or costs, we may obtain vehicle ownership details from the relevant registration authority.

Where it is reasonably practical to do so, we will collect your personal information directly from you. However, in certain cases, we may collect personal information from third parties, including from publically available sources.

Direct collection

We may collect the personal information you directly give us through some of the following means:

a)     when you contact us on our Website or via email to make an inquiry;
b)     while conducting customer satisfaction and market research surveys;
c)     when administering any of our services; and
d)    voice recordings – associated calls made to the national network operations centre may be recorded for training and quality purposes and
e)    as otherwise required to manage Care Park’s business.

Automatic collection

We may collect personal information automatically through some of the following means:

we may collect information about how you use our Website to assist us to provide you with more tailored services and to enable us to develop and improve our services;

we may collect information from the networks that you use to access our Website to help us develop and secure our services; and

we may use ‘cookies’ to store and sometimes track information about you, but only on an anonymous basis.


We respect the privacy of your personal information and will take all reasonable steps to keep it strictly confidential. Personal information may be used and disclosed for the purpose for which the information was collected, or where you have consented to its use or disclosure (e.g. personal information received on an application for review form will be used by us to contact you with the outcome of the review). Personal information may be disclosed to affiliated Care Park companies, our service providers who assist us in providing our services, or to implement direct debit transactions. These may include companies that assist Care Park with professional services (including legal services) and information technology services.
We may otherwise use or disclose your personal information where required or authorised by law, which may include emergency situations and assisting law enforcement agencies. Any disclosure of information will be in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020.


We may record and store personal information which we collect from you. Where we do so, we take all reasonable steps to keep your personal information secure from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure; and to prevent misuse or loss of the same. However, we do not
promise that your personal information cannot be accessed by an unauthorised person (e.g. a hacker) or that unauthorised disclosures will not occur. Care Park will not keep personal information for longer than is required for the purposes for which the information may lawfully be used.


A privacy breach occurs when the personal information we hold is accessed, disclosed, altered, lost, or destroyed without authority or by accident. A privacy breach also occurs when we are prevented from accessing the personal information that we should have access to. If a privacy breach occurs and we believe this has caused you, or is likely to cause you, serious harm, we will notify you as soon as possible. There are certain circumstances under the Privacy Act 2020 where notification may be delayed or not required.


You are entitled to receive confirmation of whether we hold your personal information and to have access to any personal information we do hold about you. You are also entitled to request that we correct your personal information. You can request confirmation, access or correction via the “contact details” below.
We will consider and respond to your request within 20 working days. There are some circumstances where we may not be required or permitted to fulfil your request (or we may only be able to fulfil your request partially). If this occurs, our response to your request will explain the reason for our refusal (or partial refusal). If we refuse to correct your personal information, you may provide us with a statement of the correction you seek for attachment to your personal information.
Please note an access fee may be charged to cover our costs of providing requested information to you in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020. When we respond to your request, we will tell you if an access fee will be payable so that you can decide if you want to proceed with the request.


Your personal information may be transferred to third parties in other countries, such as Australia, for processing, support, storage and other necessary activities. These countries may have different personal information protection rules than in New Zealand. Before disclosing your personal information to third parties outside of New Zealand, we will take steps that are reasonable in the circumstances to ensure that those third parties are required to protect your personal information with safeguards that are comparable to the safeguards under the Privacy Act 2020. Unless you have authorised us to do so, we will not disclose your personal information to an organisation that may not be required to protect your information with comparable safeguards.


A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user’s web browser while the user is browsing that website. Every time the user loads the website, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify the website of the user’s previous activity. We may send cookies to your computer (‘computer’ includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets, phones and other electronic devices with the capability of browsing the web) while you are accessing the Care Park website.
We do not use cookies to collect any personal information about you, although we may collect non-attributed (anonymous) information regarding your use of this website. Some web browsers allow users to decline the receipt of cookies. If you enable such a feature you will still be able to access the site.


We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time. We will inform you about a change in the policy by posting an updated policy on our website. Any change we make applies from the date it is posted on the website.


If you have any questions or feedback about privacy, please write to:
Privacy Officer
8 Lorne Street
Wellington 6011
New Zealand