What is the difference between Reserved and Unreserved parking?

Unreserved parking allows you unlimited access into your designated car park of choice, and each day you will park in any available bay. Reserved parking is where you have a designated parking bay at the car park of your choice.

Can I list multiple vehicle registrations under one monthly parking account?

You can certainly list multiple vehicle registrations under one account, however you are permitted to park only one car at any given time under your car parking agreement.

Can I share my access device?

You can absolutely share your park with family and friends; however, we require customers to inform us of any new vehicles that will be using the space. Additionally, you access card will only allow one vehicle into the car park at any given time, this is what we call car pooling.

How fast can I get my parking?

Care Park NZ is based in Wellington so it may take a few days to send access cards to you. If you need parking urgently, be sure to let our friendly sales staff know and we can fast track where needed.

How can I make payment?

Monthly customers can pay via Direct Debit, Automatic Payment or Credit Card. Please note some car park sites are AP only and there is a surcharge on CC payments. Please note monthly customers can not pay via credit card.

What do I do when I arrive on site and someone is in my reserved bay?

Monthly customers should call our head office or sales team directly for any enforcement requests. Depending on the car park, we will be able to guide you into a temporary space and will send our team on site to enforce the illegal parker.

I lost my access card! What should I do?!

Monthly customers should call or email our sales team directly to replace any lost cards. Please note, there is a charge for any lost card replacements. If your card is faulty, we will replace it free of charge.

Can I suspend my account?

Here at Care Park NZ, we understand that at certain times a year, our customers don’t require parking. We are happy to suspend monthly accounts for up to 30 days’ annually.

What cities do you offer parking in?

In New Zealand, we offer parking in Wellington, Palmerston North, Tauranga, Hamilton and Auckland.