I wish to discuss a payment notice with Care Park. How can I do this?
For your convenience, Care Park provides multiple channels through which customers may submit an application for review.

Please click the below link for our postal address, fax number and dedicated customer service e-mail address.

Our customers usually find submitting a dispute by post, e-mail or fax the most convenient and straightforward, as any additional evidence, documentation or statutory declarations can be submitted alongside the initial application.

I received a payment notice whilst parked in one of your facilities.  I believe I have valid reasons for why this should be reviewed.  What should I do?
If you believe a payment notice was issued incorrectly, or that it was issued correctly but in circumstances that you believe may justify the payment notice being reviewed, Care Park would invite you to submit an application for review, in order that we may consider the matters you wish to raise in full detail. Please include your contact details, payment notice number, date of issue, as well as any evidence you may wish to supply (such as a ticket, for example). This will allow our disputes officers to expediently conduct a full investigation into the matters you raise.

Under what Act or law can you issue payment notices?
Care Park’s payment notices are claims for liquidated damages for breach of contract. By entering into, and parking within our car parks, you entered into a contract with Care Park. Payment notices are issued to those vehicles which are detected as parked in breach of our contractual terms and conditions. Care Park does not issue fines.

How did you obtain my name and address?
Details are obtained pursuant to court order.

Can I just ignore or not pay a payment notice?
As stated above, if you believe you have reasons or evidence by which a payment notice could be reviewed, Care Park invites you to engage with our application for review process. Please be aware that Care Park pursues recovery of any outstanding debts.  Any debts that remain unpaid will be passed to our solicitors who will be instructed to initiate recovery through the courts if required.