Care Park Pty Ltd provides this service for the convenience of customers who have used Care Park Pty Ltd parking facilities and have been issued with a Payment Notice. Any Payment Notice issued by Care Park Pty Ltd may be paid by credit card using this service. The service is provided by Care Park Pty Ltd in conjunction with third parties.

This electronic payment service is provided for the convenience of Care Park Pty Ltd customers who have been issued with a Payment Notice. By entering their credit card details customers are not purchasing a product or a service from Care Park Pty Ltd, but rather they are making payment of liquidated damages specified pursuant to the express terms agreed to at the time of parking in the facilities provided by Care Park Pty Ltd. Under no circumstances will Care Park Pty Ltd refund any amount paid made in respect of liquidated damages.

All complaints regarding the use of this electronic payment service are to be made in writing. All complaints will be handled by a Care Park Customer Service Officer in accordance with our complaints procedure. Where appropriate, Care Park Pty Ltd will refer the complaint to a third party in conjunction with whom we provide this service.