For your convenience, Care Park provides multiple channels through which its customers may submit an application for review. Care Park also provides a standardised application for review form for customers wishing to have a payment notice reviewed.

By utilising this form, Care Park’s Customer Service Officers will be able to review all the matters you raise in the most expedient manner possible.

Alongside your fully completed application for review form, Care Park would ask that you provide any additional evidence or documentation you think may be relevant, such as a copy of a ticket or pass. This will further aid our Customer Service Officers in coming to a swift and fair resolution of the concerns which you raise.

Our customers usually find submitting an application for review form (with any relevant documentation attached) by post, fax or e-mail the most convenient and straightforward, as it means that Care Park’s Customer Service Officers are able to assess all available information, documentation and evidence immediately upon commencing the review process. As such, Care Park would encourage you to use this method, so that we may most efficiently resolve the issues contained within your application for review.

Care Park contact details can be found below:

Most applications for review are finalised within 14 days, although some may take longer, particularly if our Customer Service Officers have to request further information. However, no legal action will be commenced until the Application for Review is determined and you are notified of the outcome. If you decide to pay the payment notice before the review process reaches an outcome, this will be treated as an admission of liability, and no refund will be paid.