Care Park’s Parking Services Officers issue payment notices to vehicles which are parked in our facilities in breach of our terms and conditions. Payment notices can be issued to vehicles that breach any of the terms and conditions that are clearly displayed on signs at the entrance to and throughout our facilities.

Therefore, even if you have purchased a ticket and then received a payment notice, it was still most likely correctly issued. The reason for the issue of the notice will be briefly described on the payment notice itself. Breaches include having an expired ticket displayed, or displaying a ticket with the expiry time obscured. Similarly, double parking, not parking within marked bays, or parking within reserved or disabled bays without displaying the required pass or permit are all breaches of our terms and conditions that if detected, will lead to the correct issuing of a payment notice.

If, after considering the above information, you still believe a payment notice was either issued incorrectly, or that it was issued in circumstances that you believe may justify the payment notice being reviewed, Care Park would invite you to submit an Application for Review.  More information on how to submit an application for review can be found below: