Simply put, to use a Pay and Display car park, you must PAY for your parking as soon as you have parked your car and DISPLAY the parking ticket on the dashboard of your vehicle.

Customers using a Pay and Display location park in an available parking bay and proceed to the nearest Pay and Display ticket machine to pay for the amount of parking needed.  A ticket will be dispensed from the machine that is then visibly displayed on your vehicle’s dashboard.   You must leave the car park before or at the time and date printed on your ticket.

Signage at the entrance to each car park and throughout, provides four steps for our customers to easily follow:

  1. Park your vehicle in an available casual parking space
  2. Read the contractual terms and conditions
  3. Buy a ticket from the ticket machine for the duration of your intended stay
  4. Display the ticket FACE UP (so it is clearly visible from outside the vehicle) on the dashboard of your vehicle.

Care Park staff visit these sites regularly, and issue any vehicle not displaying a valid ticket, displaying an expired ticket, or parked in a bay it is unauthorised to use (such as a reserved bay or disabled bay) with a Payment Notice for breach of the contractual terms and conditions.

In car parks where there is a free parking period, customers do not need to obtain a free parking ticket from one of the ticket machines if your stay will be less than the free parking period.  However, if you intend to stay longer than the free parking period, you must purchase a ticket for your intended stay upon entering the car park and NOT after the free parking period expires.