Care Park’s parking locations utilise many different parking systems, all featuring the latest in parking technology.  With each parking system comes different features and benefits and therefore different requirements of our customers.


Pay and Display car parks use a simple method of purchasing parking upon arrival for your intended length of stay and displaying a parking ticket on your vehicle’s dashboard. 

One of Care Park’s friendly and experienced parking attendants will collect payment for your parking time, either upon entry or at exit. 

A traditional boom gate operated car park, an Autopay locations requires customers to obtain a ticket upon entry and visit a pay station prior to exit. 

Sophisticated technology photographs each vehicle as it enters, noting the entry time for later payment at a pay station or free exit if you stay if within any free parking period offered. 

Time restricted car parks do not require any form of payment to use; all that is required is that your stay is less than the maximum parking period displayed within the car park or part of the car park. 

Learn more about the terms and conditions of using each of the Care Park parking systems.