Care Park makes paying your account very easy, offering a number of payment options.  Accounts may be paid by posting your payment to the nearest Care Park office or you may pay online using a credit card by clicking the link below.  We only accept MasterCard and Visa payments.


Monthly account customers can take advantage of this service for ease of payment of their monthly parking account. Any tax invoice issued by Care Park Pty Ltd may be paid by credit card using this service.  The service is provided by Care Park Pty Ltd in conjunction with third parties.

Care Park’s monthly account holders have the convenience of accessing Care Park’s refund service if it is deemed that a customer is due a refund for a specific reason. Customers can provide their credit card details to Care Park and if a refund is required, monies will be reimbursed into the credit card account.  Care Park Pty Ltd generally does not refund any amount paid through this facility, but if it considers that a refund is due, will withhold from such refund its administrative and financial costs.

Should a customer wish to register a complaint about an electronic payment service, Care Park needs to receive the complaint in writing. All complaints will be handled by a Disputes Officer of Care Park Pty Ltd in accordance with our complaints handling procedure. Where appropriate, Care Park Pty Ltd will refer the complaint to a third party in conjunction with whom we offer this service.