A Pay and Display parking management system offers a seamless entry and exit experience for customers with virtually no risk of access restriction or revenue loss caused by the occasional equipment malfunction that can be experienced by any automated boom gate system.

Customers park their vehicle, purchase a ticket from the Pay and Display ticket machine for the time they wish to use the parking facility and display this ticket on the dashboard of their vehicle.  They are free to leave the car park when or before their ticket expires with no need to enter or exit via a boom gate.


  • Seamless entry and exit experience for customers
  • Virtually no risk of access restriction or revenue loss
  • Accepts coin and credit card payments
  • On-line credit card payment acceptance
  • Full and total audit and reporting functions
  • Communication and management software allowing parking tariffs to be amended as and when required. Also machine malfunctions and full cash boxes to be reported immediately to a central computer in Care Park’s control room
  • Reduced labour costs as the car park does not need to be manned

Care Park’s contractual terms and conditions of parking are displayed at EVERY car park and form the basis upon which we are able to issue Payment Notices to those vehicles not displaying a valid ticket or pass, exceeding a maximum parking time limit or parking in an unauthorised area or bay.

When a customer parks their vehicle, they are deemed to have agreed to the contractual terms and conditions and are entered into a contract with Care Park.  A Payment Notice is a claim for liquidated damages for breach of the contract.

Used in conjunction with a Pay and Display system, Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) technology allows free parking periods to be offered to customers (with parking fees applicable thereafter) without the need to obtain a parking ticket.  This is particularly useful at car parks attached to shopping centres where shopper bays may be taken up by all day workers and commuters and only genuine customers of the shopping centre are to be offered a free parking period.  All day parking may still be offered to other parkers for a fee without affecting genuine retail customers.

The Pay and Display system has many customer service benefits including:

  • Multiple payment options including coin, credit card and mobile phone
  • Ability to keep parking fees low due to reduced labour costs
  • Extended hours of operation available, including 24 hour operation
  • No congestion upon entry or exit

Our patrons are familiar with the reliable, easy to use and customer friendly Pay and Display parking system.