Care Park has invested significantly into the implementation of Licence Plate Recognition technology to offer its clients a state-of-the-art and precise car park monitoring service.

When combined with time restricted parking or a paid parking management system, Licence Plate Recognition technology improves the efficiency of Care Park’s patrols and is particularly beneficial in the management of large car parks.

Licence Plate Recognition technology with photographic recording of vehicle parking stays, overcomes the traditional manual methods of walking, patrolling and marking tyres and the reliance on tyre marking and officer statements as to the length of time a vehicle is parked.  It improves patrol coverage and effectiveness as patrolling is undertaken via motor vehicle drive through or a fixed LPR camera rather than time-consuming and labour-intensive walking patrols which require every vehicle to be checked.

LPR technology is particularly effective where a free parking period is to be offered before customers must pay for parking, and in this situation is combined with a Pay and Display or Autopay management system.  Customers are only required to purchase a ticket if they intend to stay beyond the free parking period.  The LPR system will alert the patrol officer of all vehicles exceeding the free parking period and a payment notice can be issued to those vehicles not displaying a valid parking ticket.

Care Park has been successfully and effectively using Licence Plate Recognition technology for many years. Investment in this technology has offered or clients significant cost advantages in the long term management of their car parks.