The need to reduce public sector budgets and outsource specialist service providers has seen significant growth in privatised enforcement services in recent years.  Care Park has a number of contracts with local government for local law enforcement.  That experience coupled with our commitment to training and development, adoption of the latest cutting-edge technology and in-house resources including a legal department, demonstrates our commitment to ensuring an excellent service to our clients.

Those services are not confined to local government.  We also provide solution to problems faced by any car park owner or operator who holds 5 or more bays.  Our existing contracts include some of the largest and best-known businesses in Australia.

No car park is too big or too small for Care Park to manage. We welcome landowners of parking facilities of all sizes.

Parking at a private car park is offered on a conditional basis and enforcement of parking terms and conditions is essential in ensuring that a parking management system is honoured and not abused.

Care Park’s enforcement officers patrol each car park regularly and issue Payment Notices to vehicles where a ticket is not displayed, a ticket has expired, the vehicle has exceeded the maximum time allowed for parking or a vehicle is parked in a bay it is unauthorised to park in, such as a reserved or disabled bay.

Payment Notices are more likely to be issued in Pay and Display or time restricted car parks where payment of parking and / or length of stay is reliant on customer honesty and integrity.

Care Park’s contractual terms and conditions of parking are displayed at EVERY car park and form the basis upon which we are able to issue payment notices.

When a customer parks their vehicle in one of our car parks, they are deemed to have agreed to the contractual terms and conditions and entered into a contract with Care Park.

The terms and conditions instruct the customer on what they must do in order to comply and be parked correctly.  These conditions also state that should a customer fail to comply, they agree to pay Care Park liquidated damages for breach of contract by way of a Payment Notice affixed to their windscreen.

Our terms and conditions and enforcement and dispute resolution procedures have been developed in conjunction with both in-house and independent legal advisors and community and industry peak groups.

Payment notices are not a revenue-raising tool, but a way to manage parking and support our landlords and partners to ensure customer compliance to parking conditions at the respective car parks.  We are flexible and practical in our enforcement approach.

As discussed previously, the enforcement of parking conditions is based upon contract law and rests upon the customer entering into a contract with Care Park upon parking their car in a Care Park location.

We have gone to considerable lengths to ensure that car park signage is clear and unambiguous so our customers are aware that they are entering into a contract when they utilise our facilities.  We believe the quality and quantity of our signage renders the existence of a parking contract beyond doubt.

Over a substantial period of time, Care Park has liaised with various consumer group to review and improve our signage, contractual parking terms and conditions and dispute resolution procedures.  Our efforts have ensured that our procedures and protocols are as fair and equitable as possible.

The enforcement of parking terms and conditions ensures that customers who do pay to use our facilities do not have to subsidise those who do not pay.  However, we understand that sometimes Payment Notices are issued to genuine customers who have a legitimate reason for not displaying a valid parking ticket.

To this end, Care Park’s procedures and protocols ensure that customer service levels are not compromised and that formal, effective and fair dispute resolution procedures are in place.

Customers who believe there is a basis for Care Park to reconsider the enforcement of a Payment Notice may apply in writing to have their Payment Notice reviewed.  Our dedicated Payment Notice Disputes Officers review each Payment Notice dispute based on the individual circumstances of each complaint.

Many Payment Notices are waived on compassionate grounds, or taking the socio-economic status of the car park’s location into account.  In addition, property owners have the right at all times to request the withdrawal of a Payment Notice at their discretion.

Our patrol officers are a critical element in managing compliance at our car parks, as well as ensuring the fairness and practicality of the Payment Notice system.

Furthermore, our patrol officers are the public face of our company. Care Park ensures all our patrol officers undertake regular customer and public relations training on a quarterly basis to ensure they offer excellent customer service and at the same time monitor the correct use of car parks and ensure that customers are paying for the parking time they are using and hence keeping parking affordable for all users.

Payment Notices are not designed to raise revenue and are not driven by politics or fixed government processes.  Our patrol staff are highly trained and are inducted into the procedures specific to each car park they patrol.  They are given formal training to be able to comfortably and effectively diffuse any hostile situations they might be faced with.

A grace period of at least 15 minutes, and in some locations up to 30 minutes, applies in all car parks before a Payment Notice will be issued.  Our intention is not to penalise genuine customers who may be obtaining change or have been unavoidably delayed returning to their vehicle.  The grace period helps to avoid issuing Payment Notices in these circumstances.