Care Park is a specialist in leading-edge services, and is constantly implementing the latest innovations into its services and operations to offer our clients the best.  Our broad range of capabilities includes enforcement services, parking meter management, cash collection services, strata-titling of car parks and property development services.  Our portfolio and expertise continues to grow to meet our clients’ demands. Care Park works with:

  • local governments
  • shopping centres
  • retailers
  • airports
  • hotels
  • hospitals
  • government departments
  • offices
  • recreational services and establishments

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Care Park offers innovative solutions to most issues facing car park owners. 

Our consultancy services provide our corporate clients with in-house knowledge to further develop their businesses. 

We have significant expertise in both on-street and off-street parking management services through parking meter and ticket machine revenue collection. 

Councils can rely on Care Park’s expertise in managing parking meter facilities, cash collections and maintenance. 

For clients looking for a service provider who will maintain their parking infrastructure, Care Park is the provider of choice. 

We have invested significantly in state-of-the-art Licence Plate Recognition technology to offer our clients an innovative and precise car park monitoring service. 

Using automation technology at car parks is becoming an increasingly popular way to achieve labour cost reductions, extend car park trading hours and improve customer service and audit delivery. 

A Pay and Display parking management system offers a seamless entry and exit experience for customers with virtually no risk of access restriction or revenue loss. 

Our Care Assist control room services provide complete off-site support for the various parking systems and operations, providing car park owners with the many benefits afforded by off-site car park management. 

Care Park is a leader in strata-titling of parking bays. This is an innovative answer to the problem of costly parking infrastructure which too often produces little or no income to businesses. 

Parking at a private car park is offered on a conditional basis and enforcement of parking terms and conditions is essential in ensuring that a parking management system is honoured and not abused. 

Care Park’s Event Management parking offers a highly experienced team of professionals who know how to handle all the logistics to ensure a seamless flow of traffic during peak times of any event.  

Procuring and installing the latest equipment is a core focus of Care Park’s continuing drive to make operations more efficient for our clients.